How to find the right project ?

Having reviewed key relevant information for each project in our database, our team provides an in-depth assessment based in technical merit and current market trends considerations. This, while understanding the vendor's profile and expectations. Our objective is to set the base to fast track towards M&A recommendations and an effective negotiation process. Our mission is to continuously scope for high-quality available to trade projects in Chile.

Feet on the ground

Our mining experienced, multidisciplinary and entrepreneurial-minded team brings in-country expertise to guarantee our clients a smooth transition while initiating a venture overseas.

Transparent access to data

Kura's award-winning Platform allows prospective clients to access key relevant information of each project, providing the essentials to assess a potential purchase decision. Clients will benefit from accessing an in-depth review to each available project that includes key information, GIS Database and selected projects includes Kura Technical & Business Report and Factsheets.