Since identifying the right asset can be a time-consuming task, we help build the road map for securing a project in Chile. This includes anticipating  the consequent company affiliation process, while avoiding red tape and cultural barriers. Our strategy includes all components through the negotiation and up to defining a term sheet (ie. letter of intent), while providing technical and legal advice.

  • Identified Available Projects: Our business model is transparent and simple. Revision of existing projects identified by Kura, including in-depth recommendations and step-by-step negotiation support will be subject to a success fee applicable to the buy-side, and within the framework of the pertinent regulatory authorities.

  • Find a Specific Project: Tailored to each client specific requirements, our team can identify projects and business opportunities that match a preferred portfolio or strategy, providing all the required technincal, business and legal advice subject to a retainer contract.

designed to add value to public mining & exploration companies as well as new shell vehicles aiming to create market value in metals-oriented stock markets
— Francisco @ Kura Minerals

Our In-Country technical and operational services combine our in-house technical capabilities with outsourcing/managing a network of reliable local mining contractors and suppliers. 

  • Due Diligence.
  • Prospecting and exploration services.
  • Geological advise and consulting.
  • Contractors Management.

Our corporate law services are designed to enable our clients to begin operating their mining & exploration venture in Chile.  We are committed to covering the essential legal services for mining & exploration companies new to the Chilean jurisdiction. Corporate law services can be provided in English and Spanish and include:

•    Due Dilligence.
•    Legal advice on mineral rights registration and maintenance.
•    Traditional mining negotiation agreements (i.e. OA, JV, MOU, etc.)
•    Subsidiary registration and administration.
•    Legal representation before of local government authorities. 

by securing all the aspects involved in a transaction, we focus to facilitate our clients decision-making
— Alvaro @ Kura Minerals

We can help you to tell your story effectively to stakeholders in Chile, South America and globally by building a PR & Communications strategy, identifying the correct communication channels and producing the relevant content for your target audience.

  • Print and Digital Media Management
  • Content Production in English and Spanish
  • Conference Representation
  • Website Optimization
we combine local expertise and national media channels, with my own global PR & Marketing expertise within the mining sector
— Laura @ Kura Minerals