M&A strategy

Our corporate M&A strategy is designed to add value to public mining & exploration companies as well as new shell vehicles aiming to create market value in metals-oriented stock markets. Besides our online Mineral Portfolio, we offer tailored-made business proposals upon our clients corporate requirements. 

We also offer a unique asset valuation, finance & market analysis tool for advanced-stage projects, thanks to our Hong-Kong-based partner The Cloud Miner. The tool consists of an online platform that can perform a standard or customized project valuation based on resources/reserves comparison to similar projects located within world-class mining districts. 



Since identifying the right asset can be a time-consuming task, we help building the road map for securing a project overseas. This includes anticipating  the consequent company affiliation process, while avoiding red tape and cultural barriers. Our landing solutions include all components needed to go through the negotiation and acquisition process of a project. Thus, we offer essential legal advice to our clients thanks to our in-house legal team based in Santiago, Chile.


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Technical and Operational Services

Our In-Country technical and operational services combine our in-house technical capabilities with outsourcing/managing a network of reliable local mining contractors and suppliers. 

Technical Services - Prospecting

  • GIS Prospectivity Mapping
  • Geological Mapping
  • Geochemistry Surveys
  • Ground Geophysical Surveys
 An essential tool during early stage exploration, geochemistry facilitates the identification of mineralized targets. Outcrop and trenching geochemical sampling are of particular interest to complement the local scale geological mapping, whereas soil geochemical surveys are fundamental when exploring in covered terrains such as the Atacama Desert in Northern Chile. Our services include soil and hard-rock geochemical sampling with correspondent assaying performed at certified labs and interpretation using GIS software. 

Technical Services - Developing

  • Core Logging
  • Geological Modelling
  • Resources Estimation 
  • Metallurgical Assessment
 Geological modelling is a crucial step for further resource modelling and geometallurgical modelling. We work to deliver comprehensive 3D geological models using advanced software packages.   We provide thorough consulting services by designing, executing and reporting the metallurgical characterisation of our clients' assets. We facilitate their requirements by managing the test-working campaign with laboratories located in Chile. Our reporting standard guarantees to oversee the QA/QC and give detailed analysis and recommendations in compliance with international standards. 

Exploration Management

  • Drilling Contractor
  • Laboratories Contractor
  • Field logistics
  • Core Shack Management
 We facilitate our clients' planning and execution of their drilling programs. We do this by directly dealing, selecting and managing local contractors to guarantee the successful completion of the projects objectives and timelines.  We deal with experienced partners and we manage drilling programs in different terrains, working together with a pool of qualified drilling companies to ensure optimal results. We understand the challenges and safety requirements involve in camp site activities and therefore we follow strict safety standards to guarantee the best working conditions.


Our corporate law services are designed to enable our clients to begin operating their mining & exploration venture in Chile.  We are committed to covering the essential legal services for mining & exploration companies new to the Chilean jurisdiction. Corporate law services can be provided in English and Spanish and include:

•    Legal guidance on foreign investment policies in Chile. 
•    Legal advice on mineral rights registration and maintenance.
•    Traditional mining negotiation agreements (i.e. OA, JV, MOU, etc.)
•    Subsidiary registration.
•    Contract agreements for hiring local mining contractors.


Our subsidiary administration service aims to cover the general bureaucratic complexities that mining & exploration companies typically face when operating in a foreign jurisdiction.  Thus, this service is designed for clients wishing to delegate their subsidiary administration duties, including:

•    Bookkeeping of financial statements and tax returns.
•    Mining tenure maintenance and payments.
•    Performance Management of local mining contractors. 
•    Legal representation before of local government authorities.