Business Intelligence and strategy

We aim to enhance our clients’ confidence when initiating an exploration venture overseas, building a strategy to add value into a junior miner existent business model or to a new vehicle aiming to attract market's value. Beyond Kura Portfolio, given our local networking and available to trade projects' database, Kura provides tailor-made business intelligence reports targeting specific requirements to our clients.


Since finding the right project is not enough in itself, we help by finding the right road map towards the final negotiation, due diligence and acquisition of a project. This includes anticipating  the consequent company affiliation process, while avoiding red tape and cultural barriers. Our landing solutions include all components needed to ease the final negotiation and acquisition of a project, aiming to reach our clients expectations.

Technical and Operational Services

Our project development solutions combine our in-house technical capabilities with outsourcing/managing a network of reliable local mining contractors and suppliers. 

Technical Services - Prospecting

  • GIS Prospectivity Mapping
  • Geological Mapping
  • Geochemistry Surveys
  • Ground Geophysical Surveys

Technical Services - Developing

  • Core Logging
  • Geological Modelling
  • Resources Estimation 
  • Metallurgical Assessment

Exploration Management

  • Drilling Contractor
  • Laboratories Contractor
  • Field logistics
  • Core Shack Management


Our corporate law services are designed to enable our clients to begin operating their mining & exploration venture in Chile.  We are committed to covering the essential legal services for mining & exploration companies new to the Chilean jurisdiction.


Our subsidiary administration service aims to cover the general bureaucratic complexities that mining & exploration companies typically face when operating in a foreign jurisdiction.  Thus, this service is designed for clients wishing to delegate their subsidiary administration duties.